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My Pledge is to offer you 100% of the service
 for 20% less commission

I will:

Provide you with a written 'Market Analysis'

Your home will be evaluated carefully as it relates to comparable properties recently sold nearby. This, combined with a clear assessment of your homes unique properties relative to the comparables, will provide the right selling price range for your home. Of course, you are the final judge of the starting asking price.

Evaluate local market conditions and procedures

Many local conditions or future activities will make your home or property more or less valuable now and in the future.  This evaluation will aid in the assessment of correct price and timing of sale.

Show your property only to 'qualified' buyers

Many people shop for their next home without the knowledge that they are not qualified to buy a home in your price range. I will not waste your time with  folks who are 'just looking.'

Design an advertising campaign for your property that will bring you the largest number of potential buyers

Sometimes it's my creative writing or ability to capture your property on film, but more often it is the particular magazine or newspaper appropriate to your circumstances that brings in the most buyer candidates.

Design attention-getting flyers and strategically distribute them to other brokers and place them in high traffic locations

The flyer with appropriate details about your property is the vehicle by which many people will decide whether or not to pursue buying your home. Of course your home's picture and information will be displayed on this web site.

Place your home in the Multiple Listing Service that serves your local area

More than half of all homes are sold by local realtors who are helping their clients find the right place for them. I will coop with them, and they will receive their normal 3% commission. In addition your home will be displayed on realtor.com the most popular internet site most people go to when they are looking for a home to buy.

Install a large "FOR SALE" sign in your front yard

Many people browse neighborhoods they like in search of a home for sale.

Install the latest totally secure MLS Lock Box available

In today's busy world you don't have time to be waiting for anyone to come review your home. The lock box of today is digitally programmable so your home can not be entered except between the hours of 9-5 (or any other acceptable time frame you choose).
You can be assured that we will always call you for an appointment first.

Bring you all the written offers when and as they are presented

Many people have very short time frames in which to purchase a house, especially those from out of town. I believe it is important not to miss any opportunity to sell your home.

Assist you with all purchase negotiations

This is where my 30+ years of experience will help you the most. I will provide you with an estimate of your net proceeds prior to acceptance. If the offer is too low, or not enough to provide you with the proceeds you discussed, I will tell you straight out. Of course, you will be final judge of whether or not you accept the offer.

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